Blekko Shuts Down, Becomes Part Of IBM Watson

Blekko Shuts Down, Becomes Part Of IBM Watson

By Chris Crum March 31, 2015

Back in 2010, an alternative search engine called Blekko emerged. It came from Rich Skrenta, co-founder & former CEO of Topix and NewHoo (which went on to become The Open Directory Project or DMOZ). It aimed to crowd source search …

Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta Discusses Search Quality, Filtering, Zorro Update Blekko CEO Rich Skrenta Discusses Search Quality, Filtering, Zorro Update

Blekko, the alternative search engine that aims to challenge Google and Bing by reducing spam and low quality content in search results via human curation, has refreshed its index and results pages in an update it refers to as “Zorro”. …

Blekko Queries on the Rise, More So Since Content Farm Blocking

Blekko says its search queries climbed to a million a day in January. CEO Rich Skrenta tells WebProNews that Blekko has seen growth since its announcement that it has banned some content farms from its index

Blekko CEO On The “Useless Garbage” Of The Web
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Late last week, Blekko launched the Spam Clock – the search engine’s illustration of how quickly the web is being flooded with spam. More specifically, it counts up the number of spam pages added to the web since January 1. What is not so clear by looking at it, however, is just what Blekko is considering spam (though the page does remind us that spammers are out to: harm users, steal publisher traffic, and defraud advertisers. 

Blekko: Search and Shop Safely This Holiday Season

Community-driven search engine Blekko has been in the news a lot since its launch, and today it announced a way for users to do their holiday shopping without having to worry about shopping on an untrustworthy site. 

No Stopping Google’s Domination

So Jason is predicting that “Google will have 90% search market share in the US one year from now“, and while people may cringe at that thought, I don’t think it’s a completely unlikely scenario.

Topix Co-Founder Taking On Google
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Rich Skrenta has a new startup called Blekko in the works, and plans to make a run at the search engine world with it.

Skrenta Cedes CEO Role At Topix

VP of marketing Chris Tolles will take Rich Skrenta’s CEO job running news-aggregating site Topix, with Skrenta taking over management of the Topix board of directors.

Topix Reinvented As Hyperlocal News Portal

The news aggregating site at Topix.net has a new complementary domain at Topix.com, and a renewed focus on the local audience that CEO Rich Skrenta thinks can be a difference maker for the site. Oh, and just call them Topix.

Beating The Unbeatable Google
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Topix CEO Rich Skrenta thinks someone out there can compete with Google, and he offered suggestions on how that might happen (hint: think vertically).


Topix Worries About Domain Change
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After paying $1 million to purchase the rights to the Topix.com domain, Topix.net CEO Rich Skrenta now has to deal with a couple of daily realities in the search world: changing domains could cause a dropoff in search engine-driven traffic, and Google isn’t exactly Nordstrom or L.L. Bean when it comes to customer service.