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Enrico Letta Resigns: Renzi’s Eyes Are On The Prize

Enrico Letta officially resigned from the Italian Prime Minister position this week. This move follows a discontent by many in past months regarding his indecisive actions and slow-moving reforms. The Democratic Party agreed that changes in government and new reforms are crucial to maintain power until 2018, thus implying that he should resign. Foreseeing this moment, Letta made a last …

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NSA “Cybercommander-In-Chief” & His Deputy To Resign

It’s been said that no publicity is bad publicity, but if you happen to be Gen. Keith Alexander, this year would contain enough bad publicity to drown even walking scandal Anthony Weiner. From the news that he wasted taxpayer dollars on fulfilling his Starfleet captain’s complex to his metadata dragnet of American citizens’ personal information, Alexander has had a tough …

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AOL’s Patch Editor Brian Farnham Resigns

Patch editor-in-chief Brian Farnham announced today on his blog that he’s leaving the AOL-owned local news network. Farnham’s blog post is fairly detailed, and one of the first points that he makes relates that he’ll be staying with Patch in some capacity in the future : I love Patch, and I plan on staying very connected as an active alum, …

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