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RealNetworks Plays The Role Of Internet Bully RealNetworks Plays The Role Of Internet Bully
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While researching this topic, something occurred to me: who uses RealPlayer anymore to begin with? And so, after a quick jaunt over to RealNetworks Twitter page, I noticed they only have about 3700 followers. By comparison, Winamp, a RealPlayer competitor …

Thoughts On Napster & Best Buy

4 Thoughts On Best Buy & Napster

  •   Napster was worth even less than I thought. Given the $67 million in cash that Napster has on hand, the purchase for $121 million by Best Buy puts the valuation at just $54 million.

Yahoo, AOL, RealNetworks Must Pay Music Royalties
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The last thing either Yahoo or AOL wants to do right now is give away money; the companies are having enough trouble without handouts.  Yet a federal court has ruled that Yahoo and AOL (along with RealNetworks) must pay millions in licensing fees to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

The New MTV

MTV is once again retooling itself in an attempt to maintain relevance in the digital age.