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Amazon Reportedly Ramping Up Its Drone Efforts Amazon Reportedly Ramping Up Its Drone Efforts

It was just under a year ago that Amazon revealed Amazon Prime Air, its ambitious project that would see the online retail giant delivering packages to customers by drones. The announcement was met with a great deal of skepticism (for …

Obama Says No Google Or Facebook Without Govt.

President Barack Obama is in full campaign mode. The one thing that he will preach to his supporters is that the Republicans are trying to gut the government. He said that under the Republican budget “the government is shrunk to …

Kinect Researchers Developing Mood Detection

Reasearch teams at Microsoft are in the research and development stages of finding out whether or not the Kinect will be able to use a players posture and speach patterns to detect their mood. The player’s state of mind will …

Google Announces App Engine Research Awards Google Announces App Engine Research Awards

Google’s App Engine is used for a lot of different web applications. While it can be used for business applications, the more interesting uses come from the scientific and research fields. Google is now going to reward those who use …

Facebook Spends Very Little On R&D Facebook Spends Very Little On R&D

Facebook is a big company. The company recently filed the largest tech IPO ever and is sitting on mountains of cash. It might be surprising then to hear that they only spend about 10 percent of its sales on research …

Intel and Nokia Collaborate on 3D Mobile UIs

Intel and Nokia announced that they have created a joint laboratory at the University of Oulu aimed at creating new user interfaces and experiences. It’s called the Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center, and will employ about two-dozen R&D professionals.

Intel says the lab will initially conduct research for mobile user experiences that could leverage the rapidly increasing capabilities of mobile devices. They’re looking for an experience that does for mobile what 3-D graphics have done for movies.

Google’s R&D Budget On The Rise
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Various arms of Google are, at the very least, attempting to take pictures of the entire world, solve the oil crisis, and inspire moon landings.  It’s no wonder, then, that the central company increased its 2007 research and development budget by a considerable amount.

Microsoft Tells Yahoo About R&D Synergies

You’ve all read about the proposed deal. The National Post has a copy of the letter that Ballmer et al sent to the Yahoo board. Here are two paragraphs I found interesting:

1] Ballmer reminds Yahoo that he/Microsoft was right all along (emphasis added)