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Choosing the Right Project Management Software
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Project management continues to become an important and popular topic today. This is understandable because project management done correctly will help an organization get better at what it does, and make it more competitive.

Rules for Great IT Project Success

Project delivery makes IT organizations credible. When IT “gets it right” at the project level, its ability to impact the financial results of a company increases and its leadership in providing strategic direction improves.

Project Managers: Charge for Performance to Increase Profits

You’re a stellar project manager, yet you’re only making an average wage. Well, it’s about time you make more. This article digs outlines my approach to a performance-based fee structure It won’t work for all clients, but for those it does work for you’ll see your profits soar.

Key Attributes of an Effective Project Manager

If you think that everyone has the right stuff’ to be a great project manager–think again! To re-lyric a song made famous by the British rock band “Queen,” good project managers are true champions, and they’ll keep on fighting til the end.

Four Crucial Tactics That Keep Your Project On Track

You might think it’s pretty obvious to know when your project is veering wildly out of control. However, it’s important to first know when a project is “in control.”

Project Methodologies – Not A Silver Bullet

Over the last few years there has been much emphasis on project management methodologies such as Prince2. The introduction and roll out of these structured techniques helps set expectations amongst the wider community about what the project manager will do, and the manner in which communication will take place.

Key Measures of Success for System Implementation Project Management

In all the years of managing projects from Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desk, Sales Quotation and Lead Tracking systems, and ERP Software, I have learned some key factors which, if always kept in check and balance, will lead you to project success.

IT Project Governance And Prince2 Project Management

In today’s fast-changing information economy, IT project governance has emerged as one of the most vital corporate responsibilities.

Strategic Project Management – A Competitive Advantage
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Recently, a number of the world’s leading project management organisations have taken major initiatives to enlighten executive management about the strategic importance and benefits of project management.

Putting into Place Project Management Processes for SMEs (Small/Medium Businesses)

To many SME managers, the majority of project management literature can seem overwhelming, complex or downright inapplicable to their business environments.