LinkedIn Adds Skill and Expertise Endorsements

LinkedIn Adds Skill and Expertise Endorsements

By Sean Patterson September 24, 2012

LinkedIn today announced a new feature called Endorsements. The feature will allow LinkedIn members to endorse each others’ skills and expertise. Over on the LinkedIn Blog, LinkedIn Product Manager David Breger explained how the new feature will work. Users will …

Blocking Adwords Qualified Professional Pages
In a thread titled, "Qualified professionals blocked on Google" at WebmasterWorld, a new face of Google came into limelight.

AdWords Qualification Lasts For 2 Years

Search Engine Roundtable reports that Google AdWords Qualified Professionals Valid For Two Years. Many Google AdWords Professionals were not sure whether the seal that they get after meeting the requirements set forth by Google lasts for an year or more. 

Bad Advice That Sounds Good

Many professional lies are passed off as good information because they are just part of an industry vernacular or learning curve. For example, many people say make quality content, but never attempt to define what quality content is, or even how certain types of quality content are being marginalized by scrapers, social sites, user generated content, automated news sites, and search engines.

Call Center Solutions for CRM and Contact Center Professionals

Like anything else in the business world, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) requires a necessity to stay in-tune with the latest communications technology.

No Docs?

Microsoft can buy white papers whenever it wants, and of course they do. They say some of these are “independent, non-sponsored” studies.

CollectiveX: MySpace For Professionals

A new social networking site is trying to draw in business professionals. In addition to more typical features, CollectiveX, launched on Monday, will offer password-protected networks aimed at specific clubs, groups, and associations.

How HR Professionals Can Get Management to Listen

The human resources (HR) press and professional associations continue to produce volumes of information about HR becoming a strategic partner.

Bringing Clients in the Door: How Professionals Can Encourage Business

You’re a professional – either a doctor, or a dentist, or an artist. Maybe you’re an independent sales person who works on commission, or a speaker who must sell yourself.

Video Guides for Microsoft Professionals

Not exactly marketing related, but Brian Tucker did ask (very politely) if I would take a look at The Blogcast Repository.

AdWords Professional For Non-U.S. Companies

The Google AdWords Professionals program is now available for non-U.S. companies.

Personal Blogs and Interest Conflicts

What limits, if any, should be placed on journalist who blogs on their own personal sites?

Why Soft Skills?

Technical skills have little value if you have poor soft skills. Don’t get me wrong, your tech expertise matters. But don’t be fooled by your tech skills. King of Linux, champion of Oracle? You’ve got it made, right? Give me a break! Tech skills alone are no guarantee of success.

Five Myths of Internet Marketing for Independent Professionals

Marketing your own professional services is simply not the same as marketing a retail product or an anonymous business service. You can’t sell corporate consulting like you do web hosting……..

RankAttack Product Called Out By SEO Professionals
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An SEO software package called “RankAttack” has hit the market promising an increase in search engine rankings and traffic for just $79. But industry aficionados, most notably Google Insider Matt Cutts, have called out the software as not only bogus and opportunistic, but unethical.

Google Enterprise Professionals And You

Google discussed on their blog this morning a training program for their “Google Search Appliance.” The program is aimed at helping enterprise customers get the most out of Google’s enterprise tools. The Google Enterprise Professional program is intended to make customers more knowledgeable and familiar with their product.

17 Mistakes Professionals Make with Their Blogs

Are you getting results from your business blog? Is it getting harder for you to spend time on your blog because you’re just not seeing how it is going to pay off?