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‘Shadow of the Eternals’ Development Halted

Developer Precursor Games today announced that development on Shadow of the Eternals has been put on hold. Precursor had launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game back in May, but cancelled it after it became clear it would fail. A second crowdfunding project was launched in July and came to a close in August, far short of its funding goals. …

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Senate Prepares Grill For Google

Google’s proposed purchase of DoubleClick has drawn the scrutiny of privacy advocates, the Federal Trade Commission, and now a Senate Judiciary subcommittee.

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Google, DoubleClick Cast As Net Neutrality Fight

Sparks fly as Scott Cleland, president of Precursor Group and chairman of anti-net neutrality organization, receives the criticism he fully expected in assessing the likelihood of the Google offer for DoubleClick being blocked.

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