Online Poker Community Speaks Out Via Social Media, Hopes Lawmakers Will Hear

Online Poker Community Speaks Out Via Social Media, Hopes Lawmakers Will Hear

By Abby Johnson December 26, 2011 | 1 Comment

It’s an interesting time for the poker industry in the U.S. as multiple laws have been introduced to Congress regarding the legalization of the online game. The poker community has been pushing for such legislation for years and is optimistic that some type of action will happen soon.

U.S. Regulators Issue Internet Gambling Rule


The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have issued the final rule to implement the controversial Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

The Act prohibits gambling businesses from accepting payments from unlawful Internet gambling sites, including payments made with credit cards, electronic funds transfers, and checks.

How to Make Money off of Accidental Rankings

Since Google largely tends to favor ranking informational websites over commercial websites, some authoritative blogs tend to rank for valuable queries based on posts they make in passing.

Even if you had no intent to monetize a post, it just became easier to monetize accidental rankings. If you use analytics to track your stats and notice that you start ranking for some good keywords you can use Triggit to embed links to merchant products directly in the text of your blog post.

Google Extending More PPA Invitations

AdWords clients may see an invitation to join the beta test of Google’s pay per action (PPA) advertising appear in their accounts.

Google Pay-Per-Action Goes Global

Google has announced that its pay-per-action advertising beta is now open to international advertisers.

Google Whispers More Details About PPA

The pay per action beta test for Google AdWords recently debuted, and spurred plenty of advertiser interest.

Pitfalls of PPA Advertising

I love it when I get a comment that is better than the original post. Last week, I chimed in with some thoughts on Google’s experiment with pay-per-action (PPA) advertising, and I got a hugely detailed comment this weekend on that post, so go re-read that entry to see it. (I’ll wait.) When you come back, I’d like to talk about it more.

Snap Snaps On Bloggers For IntelliTXT Comparison
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When Google slid its new Text Link Ad product under the Pay-Per-Action rug, bloggers who noticed immediately started comparing the in-text advertisements to Snap.com’s content preview bubbles. But Snap.com’s none to happy about being lumped into the same camp as IntelliTXT.

Fewer AdWords Ads Means More Google Revenue?

If you’ve noticed, the way Robert Scoble did, Google has cut the number of AdWords ads appearing in its search results. And though that seems like a counterintuitive move, potentially angering advertisers while dropping profits for Google, it may be smarter than you think.

Google Sneaks Embedded Text Link Ads Into PPA
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What’s been called an assault on click-fraud, or affiliate networks, or both, could also carry with it a little controversy. Google’s recent beta launch of pay-per-action AdSense, available only to US advertisers, was released overtop another new product: the text link format ad unit.

Jumping to Conclusions on Google’s PPA

There are lots of bloggers talking about Google’s launch of their Pay-Per-Action (beta) program which is really just adding CPA ad units to Adsense with a name to not associate it with CPA directly.

Google Testing PPA AdWords

It’s been rumored for a while, but it’s finally being tested, as Google has announced a beta program to test pay-per-action (PPA) AdWords bidding. The Snap search engine has done PPA for years, but obviously it is big news when Google does it. I first speculated on this two years ago when Google acquired the Urchin analytics firm (now Google Analytics), but it’s finally here. What does it mean to search marketers?

AdWords Pay Per Action Hits Beta
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The new pricing model offered by Google to its AdWords clients means those advertisers will only pay Google when a customer converts in a specified way.