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Twitter May Actually Spur People into Making Political Donations

We already know that this year, social media is a bigger part of the election than ever before. During the Republican National Convention, 4 million tweets were generated about the event. That number more than doubled the amount of tweets sent globally on election day 2008 – concerning all topics. A week later, the Democratic National Convention saw over 9.5 …

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Social Media’s Relationship with Politics

If you are wondering if social media coverage effects voter turnout, public perception, and election results, than Nielsen has some great facts and figures for you. Analysts looked at online social media buzz for 50 days preceding four political races-two senate seats and two state governors. From September 2010 to November 2012, they measured how often candidates were mentioned and …

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IP Targeted Political Advertising on the Horizon

Elect Strategies, is a data targeting firm that specializes in providing demographic information to political marketing campaighns and recently they are promoting the ability to target markets via IP addresses. For those not familiar with these types of firms and what kind of data they offer, here are some breakdowns on what they offer: *Physical addresses for most of the …

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