Etsy Changes Seller Guidelines, Says It’s Not The ‘Creativity Police’

Etsy Changes Seller Guidelines, Says It’s Not The ‘Creativity Police’

By Chris Crum October 1, 2013 | 1 Comment

Popular online marketplace Etsy has introduced new guidelines for sellers addressing how items listed on the site can be made, who can take part in making them, and how they can be shipped. Like other popular online marketplaces, Etsy has …

Facebook Asks Journalists To Sign Non-Disclosures Facebook Asks Journalists To Sign Non-Disclosures

Our old friend Facebook is being pretty uptight about their privacy. Reportedly, before a recent news conference, Facebook officials asked attending journalists to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which entailed protocol that they were to follow once they arrived at the …

A Few Guidelines for Drafting Social Media Guidelines

For all of the great opportunities that can come from social media, there are plenty of negatives that come with it as well. This is of course why many businesses are hesitant to adopt social media strategies and/or let their employees engage with different social networking tools. It is also why many of the companies that do have social media strategies in tact, and do allow employees to use these tools have guidelines in place.

Google Changes AdWords URL Policy

Google AdWordsGoogle is implementing a change in its URL policy for AdWords. Starting the week of February 24, all display URLs within an ad group must have the same top-level domain.

Social Media Can Lead To Better Companies

With every new development in social media, communications departments are faced with new challenges. If the end goal is to control the message – and that is the boiled-down purpose of communications departments – then the expansion and adoption of social media is a direct obstacle to that goal.

Shoppers Should Read Online Privacy Policies

The New York Public Interest Research Group has released a report on online shopping privacy policies detailing how online retailers protect customer’s identity.

Equal Time – The Pro-Arbitrage Position

Followup to my recent article on Google AdWords’ website quality policies. Although the majority of rank and file advertisers I chatted with favor Google’s stances against, for example, "arbitrage sites that are designed for the sole purpose of showing ads," not all go along with the Google take on things.

What’s a Good Privacy Policy?

I wrote a few days ago about privacy policies and got several people asking, "So who has a good privacy policy? Well, lots of companies have good privacy policies, but I think what people really want to know is "Who has made their privacy policy a marketing asset?" That narrows the field considerably.

Politics Play In Kentucky Net Bans

State workers in Kentucky’s capitol have been suspended for using the Internet. Not for illegal or questionable activities, but for reading news, doing searches, and shopping.

Changes Afoot With AdSense Policies

People returning to their feedreaders after the SMX conference and elsewhere found new AdSense policy changes awaiting them.

AdSense Changes To Thwart Competitors

Google now says that sites displaying AdSense or Google search boxes may not display other ads or services using the same layouts and colors as the Google products. That applies to all ads an AdSense member might have displayed anywhere on his website.

Computer Reseller Business: Effective Recourse Policies

As a professional in the computer reseller business, you need to create strong recourse policies to handle any customer complaints.

Google Spreadsheet No Excel Killer

News stories and blog posts have begun to fill with the carillon of funeral bells for Microsoft as Google readies its minimalist spreadsheet program for public debut.

Bloggers – Their Habits And Policies

Jason and Miel/Coolz0r are doing a joint series on their own blogs where they talk with professional bloggers about their habits and personal reporting policies.

Most Companies Have No Employee Blogger Policies

Mega PR firm Edelman and blog portal Intelliseek just released a white paper on companies and the employees that blog them. The study titled, “Talking From The Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers,” takes a candid look at the relationship between employees and their employers and examines the challenges and opportunities this phenomenon presents.

CNET Not Linking To Blogs

Kevin Burton and others notice that CNET doesn’t link to bloggers. Oh, I’ve seen this behavior before.

Google Updates AdSense Policies

One thing is certain about covering Google, don’t ever expect them to become stagnant. They are constantly refining and improving new and existing products, ensuring that they function as intended, as well as addressing concerns associated with users or outdated policies.