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Etsy Changes Seller Guidelines, Says It’s Not The ‘Creativity Police’

Popular online marketplace Etsy has introduced new guidelines for sellers addressing how items listed on the site can be made, who can take part in making them, and how they can be shipped. Like other popular online marketplaces, Etsy has seen its fair share of controversy and backlash from sellers. As far back as a year and a half ago, …

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Instagram’s New Privacy Policies Take Effect on Saturday

Just a friendly reminder: those new Instagram policies that caused such a ruckus back in December go into effect this Saturday, January 19th (but without the clause that caused most of the ruckus). The new privacy policy and terms of service documents add a few new elements such as affiliate sharing and new arbitration rules, but do not contain any …

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Google Makes Changes To AdWords Policies

Google announced today that it has updated its AdWords policies on software principles, arbitrage, advertiser claims and relevance, clarity and accuracy. The changes will go into effect on October 15. Google has added specific examples of the kinds of advertiser behavior “typically associated with arbitrage”. These include: Websites designed for the sole or primary purpose of showing ads Websites with …

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Tumblr Updates No Self-Harm Blog Policy: You Can Discuss It, Just Don’t Promote It

Last week, Tumblr announced a new policy that drew some mixed responses, and now they’ve made some clarifications in the hopes of making things clearer to their millions of users. The new policy will ban so called “self-harm” blogs, defined as those that advocate or glorify things like anorexia, bulimia, self-mutilation, and suicide. Blogs that would fall into this category, …

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Google’s New Privacy Policy: Take Control Of How Your Data Is Shared

As you’re probably well aware, today (March 1st) marks go-time for Google’s new, all-inclusive privacy policy. Basically, Google has taken dozens of policies across dozens of Google services and combined them into one, overarching policy. The big change in how Google is going to use your information comes in the form of personalization across multiple services. Google has already been …

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Facebook Asks Journalists To Sign Non-Disclosures

Our old friend Facebook is being pretty uptight about their privacy. Reportedly, before a recent news conference, Facebook officials asked attending journalists to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which entailed protocol that they were to follow once they arrived at the Seattle branch of the company. According to kplu.org, Dan Sytman, the Attorney General sent out an e-mail that said: “Facebook …

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