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Safeway Inc. Swallows the Poison Pill Safeway Inc. Swallows the Poison Pill

When the market closed on Tuesday, Safeway Inc. (NYSE: SWY) shares increased 10.5% ending the day at $30.99. Safeway Inc. is an American based supermarket chain that is currently the second largest grocer franchise only to The Kroger Company (NYSE: …

Yahoo’s Poison Pill Headed For Court

Last week’s letter war between Carl Icahn and Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock was just a preview of what’s to come. Ichan and company have challenged Yahoo’s employee retention plan (Icahn calls it a severance plan) in a Delaware court. Slated to go to trial in July, the legal matter will be settled in advance of the annual shareholders meeting on August 1.

Yahoo/Icahn Letter War Heats Up

It may be safe to officially declare no love lost between Yahoo chairman of the board Roy Bostock and billionaire activist investor Carl Ichan. In fact, we may need Wilmer Valderrama to officiate as these guys play the dozens.

Yahoo Responds To Corporate Raider
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Yahoo did not take kindly to Carl Icahn’s lambasting of its employee in-case-of-Microsoft-acquisition escape hatch. In a letter addressed "Dear Carl," Yahoo’s board chairman Roy Bostock, heavy on the dubious adverbs, told Icahn what he could do with his criticism.