Arguing Against NFL In Game Tweets

Arguing Against NFL In Game Tweets

By Frank Reed September 15, 2010

I am a pretty big NFL fan. Have been all of my life. Why? Because the product is fun for me. The product of football that is. Anything else about the drama and the thoughts of players is something I see little to no value in unless there is a personal interest in the player.

YouTube Ads (The Aftermath)
YouTube finally unveiled the first real version of its a platform last week, and we’re still processing the results. Some stories:

MLB Brightens Microsoft Silverlight Player
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Microsoft’s new Silverlight browser plug-in media player has a prime spot on the websites of Major League Baseball.

Facebook Receives NPR Podcast Player
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I like listening to music, but when local stations can’t keep me interested, I turn to National Public Radio.  Facebook users will now have the same option, as the NPR Podcast Player has made its way onto the social networking site.

YouTube Undoes Part Of New Player
YouTube has undone one of the new features in its new embeddable player, getting rid of the thumbnail bar that would appear every time you ran your mouse over the video. The thumbnails now only appear after a clip has finished, or if you click the Menu button.

Remember Real Player? It’s Back

The addition of the Real Player to the Google Pack of software made a lot of tech insiders chuckle, as Real was considered more of a nuisance.

Open Source Expert: Google Not A Team Player

Google makes rare books available for free, protects the environment, and gives grants to many non-profit organizations.  But in at least one respect, the company may not be so generous; General Public License (GPL) author Eben Moglen feels Google should contribute more to the open source community.

Joost Snags Big Brands With Ad Deals

Viacom’s content distribution partner Joost, founded by the creators of Skype, has inked a number of ad deals with very prominent brands.

Mochila’s AdMatch Player Opens Up Online Media

Traditionally, these have been the barriers to media entrance: cost, content, audience. Broadband has weakened those barriers in terms of cost and audience, but content, as always, drives the final bargain. But when under-the-radar Mochila officially launches its AdMatch Player next week at Ad:Tech, the final barrier is effectively breached.



Microsoft Green Lights Silverlight

Developers are buzzing about Microsoft’s latest release, Silverlight, a video plug-in application that spans video formats, allowing them to viewed through one video channel. Though there is a secret feature to be revealed in the coming weeks, the revealing of Silverlight is already being touted as an affront to Adobe.

Adobe To Launch Media Player This Summer
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Since digital media creators widely use Adobe tools to create and to distribute content, the company saw the opportunity to add playback and measurement to that ecosystem with Adobe’s just-announced Media Player.

Google Reader’s Integrated Podcast Player
I just noticed as I was browsing through my google reader that it now has an integrated podcast player, simple little feature but really neat.

Video – Key to Small Player Market Growth

Brian Clark recently linked to a 51 page Michel Fortin PDF which was against writing long copy salesletters.

It is a great read for any web marketer. A few highlights:

Known Issues w/ Flash Player 9 for Linux

Adobe released the Flash Player 9 for Linux 2 days ago. Here are the list of known issues:

Which Is The Top Embedded Video Player?

If you liked the dueling video services, then here’s something real interesting: Eight different embedded players on a single page, served up as a comparison. While I can’t tell who has the best video quality, there are a few things I can say:

MP3 Player Robs ATM

Technology has allowed criminals to become more creative in their methods of robbery, as a United Kingdom gang member managed to steal credit card secrets of ATM users with an ordinary MP3 player.

Microsoft Releases Media Player 11 for XP

Microsoft Corp. released to the public Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP, a significant milestone for music fans and the digital entertainment experience on Windows.