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Is Spotify The True Alternative to Music Pirating? Is Spotify The True Alternative to Music Pirating?
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With the popularity of Spotify growing daily, especially since the Facebook partnership announcement, does this mean the service also represents an honest-to-goodness alternative for would-be music pirates? If reports from Sweden are extrapolated out to the rest of Internet-using population, …

EBay Pirate Locked Down By DOJ

An Indiana man was sentenced to over two years in prison for selling over $700,000 worth of counterfeit software on eBay, the US Department of Justice announced.

Courtney Smith, 36, of Anderson, Ind., was sentenced in US District Court to 27 months in prison, a two-year supervised release, and will face fines and restitution in excess of $7,000. That’s a pretty stiff penalty considering he only made $4,000 from the sale of pirated Rockwell Automation software.