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People Searches Surge Ahead
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On Google’s weekly Zeitgeist list, at least five of the top ten gaining queries are usually people’s names.  The concept of an “ego search” has pretty much spread throughout our society.  And companies like Pipl and Spock have based their entire reputation and business on “people search.”  Yes, people search is a big deal.

Pipl Succeeds At People Search
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There are a lot of niche search engines out there; considering how effective Google and Yahoo are, one could easily say that there are too many.  This has led me to become a bit suspicious when new ones pop up, but Pipl – a search engine for finding people – is gaining traction.

(Lots Of) Web 2.0 Awards Announced

If I were to identify just the 41 categories, this article would become rather long and list-like.  If I were to mention each of the “over 200” websites involved, you’d hate me.  So I’ll simply report that SEOmoz has announced its 2007 Web. 2.0 Awards, and perhaps hit a few of the highlights while I’m at it.