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Former Googler Spells Out Support For Company

The man who created Gmail and came up with Google’s "don’t be evil" motto has been a bit tough on the company in recent days.  Two examples: he gave Google better odds of landing on the moon than succeeding with social, and described Chrome OS as doomed.  But late yesterday, Paul Buchheit made it clear that he believes the company as a whole "is still awesome."

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FriendFeed Adds Private Areas

FriendFeed (the social news streamer run by a team of by now seven ex-Google employees) got a new tab on top to create rooms. A room is a public or private area for discussions circling around one topic, group or need. For instance, you could create an invite-only room for discussing a specific work project, adding some other FriendFeed members.

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Spending Time With The FriendFeed Team

The one business that has most gotten my attention, other than, so far this year is FriendFeed. They are growing very quickly, 25% every few days.

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