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Google Falls Short With Q1 Earnings Report Google Falls Short With Q1 Earnings Report
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Search giant Google released its first quarter earnings report this afternoon, but unfortunately for new CEO Larry Page, the company didn’t quite repeat past performances.  Google failed to meet analysts’ estimates in at least one respect, and investors are now …

Solid Earnings Report Fails To Save Google’s Stock
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Google’s announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2010, and as usual, the search giant hit most of the targets analysts had established for it.  Investors have not taken the news well, however, sending Google’s stock down 4.51 so far percent in after-hours trading.

Google Hopes Mobile Ad Rates Beat Desktop Standard
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Investors and online advertising experts may want to consider for a moment what, exactly, has contributed to Google’s stupendous financial success (current market cap: $180 billion).  Now consider this: Google thinks mobile ad rates might surpass what’s come to be deemed the industry standard.

Google’s CFO: “It’s Been A Great Time For Us”
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Patrick Pichette joined Google as its CFO on August 12, 2008, and since then, he’s seen the company through both good times (a stock price of $620 per share) and bad (try $262).  So Google fans should find it comforting that Pichette, with his range of experience, has said the company’s doing quite well again.

YouTube Profits Closer Than Ever
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The days of YouTube representing a financial black hole may soon come to an end.  Several of Google’s execs have indicated that the video-sharing site is on track to start making more money than its operations consume.

Google Finally Finds New CFO

George Reyes announced he would leave Google’s chief financial officer post back in August 2007. A year later, his replacement will take over his duties.