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Google Updated The Page Layout Algorithm Last Week

Google’s Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that the search engine launched a data refresh for its “page layout” algorithm last week. If you’ll recall, this is the Google update that specifically looks at how much content a page has “above the fold”. The idea is that you don’t want your site’s content to be pushed down or dwarfed by ads …

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Google Page Layout Algorithm Update Should Be Easier To Recover From

Remember the days when you could design your site any way you wanted to, and not have to worry about whether or not it would affect the chances of people actually finding your content in the first place? Those days are over. Design matters. More specifically, if you don’t have a substantial amount of content “above the fold” there’s a …

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Google Launches New Page Layout Update (Yes, ANOTHER Update)

Google is on a roll with these updates. I think webmasters are starting to understand what Google’s Matt Cutts meant when he said a while back that updates would start getting “jarring and jolting”. It seems, that rather than one major update, we’re getting a bunch of updates in a short amount of time. This past Friday, Google launched its …

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Exclusive: Google Page Layout Update: The Top Losers

Update: With the Searchmetrics list, we encouraged you to take it with a grain of salt, but Matt Cutts said the following about it in a Tweet, implying that it’s fairly flawed: @mattcuttsMatt Cutts@CCrum237 thanks, I appreciate it. P.S. Liked the picture on http://t.co/bNW4dxAz but think that list is definitely… noisy. 4 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto Original Article: …

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