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Independent Workforce Update [Infographic]

Early in March we reported on on a new infographic from Mavenlin.Com, a professional meeting space and specialized referral service, to address the issue of the growing independent workforce. If you remember, the infographic gave us some facts and figures about how many people are part of the independent workforce and also some reasons they decide to join the movement. …

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Facebook Moderators Earn $1/hr

In a recent interview, 21-year-old Amine Derkaoui described spending spent three weeks working in Morocco for oDesk, an outsourcing company used by Facebook, to moderate content. Derkaoui’s job, which payed roughly $1 per hour, was to essentially implement Facebook’s strange content standards – ie, he was to delete any pictures of “cameltoes, moose knuckles, insides of skulls” or whatever banned …

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