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The New Yorker Promotes Facebook Only Content The New Yorker Promotes Facebook Only Content

One of the biggest, if not the most important issue in journalism right now is the transition into the digital age.  Venerable print news outlets are struggling with the onslaught of readily available, free information on the internet.  The ones …

Pulitzer Opens Up To Online-Only Publications

The Pulitzer Prize Board has announced it will now accept submissions from online-only news outlets for the first time in its history.

Print Is Not Dead, Darwin Says So

The market can only take so much and there will always be specific niches to fill. That being said, let’s also remember that geeks have been declaring the death of print since at least 1984.

Eye Tracking Your Attention Span

The attention span of Internet users has been the subject of many studies, most coming to the conclusion that, on average, people only spend a few seconds on any given site. An eye tracking study from Poynter Online, however, reveals that users who go online searching for news actually spend longer amounts of time in consuming content than their offline counterparts.

Pulitzer Extends Allowance of Online Content

Though the most prestigious award in writing has yet to fully embrace online content, the Pulitzer Prize Board announced that more online material would be considered; but the board, perhaps stubbornly traditional, still only allows online submissions that have a print counterpart.