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Is Digg Alienating Its Top Users Like eBay?
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Anton Kast of DiggDigg seems to be divided into two types of users – the "power users" and the users who feel cheated because the "power users" dominate everything. Last week, Digg announced updates to its algorithm.

Doctors’ Network Serves Everybody’s Interests

Regular viewers of the show “House” will know that the title character’s support staff has (supposedly) left; previews for the new season have shown the brilliant doctor discussing diagnoses with a janitor.  But if the fictional character knew about a network called Sermo, he’d be able to find all the expert opinions he could want.

CarDomain Draws $3 Million In Funding

Have you ever seen a guy reach into his pocket, draw out a twenty-dollar bill, and celebrate “finding” this money?  Well, CarDomain.com pulled a similar move today, but on a rather grander scale – $3 million came out of founder Alex Algard’s pockets.

Caring For An Online Community

It takes a village to raise a child, but what does it take to run an online community?  Well, there’s the money, the site, and the keyboard, but in less tangible terms, a human touch is also recommended (if not required).