Yahoo Lands Exclusive Mobile Deal With Telefonica

Yahoo Lands Exclusive Mobile Deal With Telefonica

By Doug Caverly March 18, 2010

Here are a few facts about Telefonica: it’s a huge telecommunications company.  It’s based in Spain.  And it’s a good friend of Yahoo’s, considering that Telefonica has named Yahoo the exclusive search and search advertising provider on its mobile portal in Spain.

Yahoo Launches oneSearch SMS In India

Social security numbers, employee numbers, phone numbers, savings accounts, checking accounts – there are far too many digits we’re all supposed to remember.  Still, if Yahoo fans in India can remember five more, they’ll be able to use the new oneSearch SMS service.

Yahoo oneSearch Finds Answers And Wikipedia

Yahoo oneSearch has gotten a whole lot smarter – the mobile service is integrating content from both Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia.  Frequent travelers will be happy to hear that airline information is getting added, as well.

Yahoo Mobilizes OneSearch Internationally

European and Latin American mobile customers of global phone giant Telefonica will have access to Yahoo’s oneSearch service on the company’s wireless portal.

Yahoo, Telefonica Team Up

Telefonica has sponsorship ties to F1 racing, and for that reason, I’m inclined to like the company.  Its main interest is in telecommunications, however, and it’s due to this connection that Telefonica partnered with Yahoo.

Novarra Receives $50 Million, Qualcomm’s Support

If Novarra had received Qualcomm’s endorsement and nothing else, the company would deserve a round of applause.  But Novarra, a provider of mobile platforms and services, has received Qualcomm’s endorsement and $50 million in funding.  Somebody find the gold-flake confetti!

Google Ranks Well Among Webware 100 Winners

The top 100 Webware sites have been announced, and Google’s name came up eleven times.  From there, things began to resemble the search engine market: Yahoo was referenced on seven occasions, but Ask’s logo made just one appearance.

Yahoo Go Gets Improvements

Yahoo Go is on the move – a beta version of the mobile service is set to be introduced in 13 new countries, and Go 2.0 will be launch in the US on Friday.  According to Yahoo, “[t]he Internet on the mobile phone will take another big step forward” thanks to these developments.

Yahoo oneSearch May Reach 100 Million New Eyes
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The first line of a fresh Yahoo press release describes the corporation as “a leading global Internet company,” and I have to wonder: isn’t that pretty old news?  Yet, following a deal with six mobile operators throughout Asia, the phrase may bear repeating.

Yahoo oneSearch Shows Up In India

Seven countries in one day – whew, Yahoo oneSearch must be tired.  All right, that was a little silly, but the service has been through a lot of launches in recent days, and it’s now freshly available in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Yahoo oneSearch Packs Bags For Canada, Europe

This past week, The Today Show has been running its annual “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” segment.  Matt traveled to five different countries (including the U.S., which seems like cheating), but Yahoo’s got him beat: Yahoo oneSearch just went “live in beta” in six.

Yahoo’s oneSearch Expands to 6 New Countries
If you live in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Germany or France, I have good news for you. Yahoo has announced the expansion of their oneSearch mobile search service to your country!

Yahoo Getting the Mobile Lead on Google

Yahoo has a bunch of efforts underway in the mobile space, and they’ve announced the launch of their new mobile ad network. I’ve been using the Yahoo! Go OneSearch mobile product for a couple of months now, and really have enjoyed it. It will be interesting to see how Yahoo’s mobile ad network grows as more publishers embrace the growing mobile space.

Google Playing Catch-up to Yahoo’s Mobile Efforts?

It’s not often you get to suggest that Google is playing “catch-up” to a competitor, so I’m sure the headline above will bring a wry smile to the folks at Yahoo.

Humor aside, it does appear that Google’s blog post, announcing their expansion of features for Google Mobile, is in reaction to Yahoo’s oneSearch initiative.

Yahoo oneSearch Goes Mobile

Yahoo announced today that it is making its Yahoo oneSearch service available on the mobileWeb in the United States. The search service first launched in Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 is now available to 85 percent of mobile phones.

Reasons To Build More Accessible Sites

A post over at Threadwatch just caught my attention. Of course with a title like Web 2.0, Dude, Who Cares, Where’s Phone 2.0? how could it not grab attention?

Opera Mobile Switches From Google to Yahoo

Opera Watch reports that both the Opera Mobile browser (for smartphones and PDAs) and the Opera Mini browser (for mobile phones) are switching the default search provider from Google to Yahoo, ending a one-year agreement with Google for default search.