Maureen Dowd’s Paranoid Pot Ramblings, at Your Fingertips, for Just $6 per Month

Maureen Dowd’s Paranoid Pot Ramblings, at Your Fingertips, for Just $6 per Month

By Josh Wolford June 4, 2014

Yes, I’m kind of mixing a couple of stories here, but two interesting things happened today in New York Times land. First, the venerable newspaper launched a new digital subscription for Opinions only, and second, columnist Maureen Dowd got really, …

Associated Press To Crack Down On Scraping

I long ago gave up trying to get spammers to "cease and desist" their scraping of Marketing Pilgrim’s content–I never was much good at playing whack-a-mole.

Well, it appears that The Associated Press loves carnival games as the NYT reports the news organization is determined to put an end to the scraping of its content.

Blogging 24/7 Not Required For Success

You can’t blame the NYT for its weekend piece entitled "In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop." The article isolates a couple of unfortunate deaths in the blogging community, then selects a handful of juiced-up bloggers to prove it’s theory that blogging can lead to bad health, or even death.

NYT Featuring “Citizen Journalism” Videos

The New York Times has announced that they will begin featuring “citizen journalism” videos focusing on the upcoming presidential election. (That’s right, start your countdown clocks now, only 50 weeks left. Joy.)

Read/WriteWeb reports:

Keller of NYT on Citizen Journalism

Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times, gave a long and passionate speech in London last week at a memorial event hosted by The Guardian — the full text of which is here — and in it he said many valuable and wise things about the practice of journalism (although he kind of glossed over stuff like Jayson Blair and Judith Miller, but whatever).

NYT Adds Blogrunner; Mainstream Media Fail to Mention it

If you want to see evidence of why blogs continue to grow as a source for news, while mainstream media (MSM) sites appear stagnant, you need look no further than the latest announcement by the New York Times.

NYT’s Blogrunner Shakes Up Tech News

One look at the New York Times’ expansion of Blogrunner and you know it’s going to be a hit. It’s been around a little while, but today the NYT expanded the technology section to include other news sites and bloggers.

Nielsen to Provide Google TV Ad Demographics

Google has partnered with the Nielsen Company to help the search engine better understand the demographics of those who view its Google TV Ads, reports the NYT.

The multi-year deal will start of small, but will likely grow as Google expands beyond the rather limited network of just 13 million viewers provided by its partner DISH Network.

A Lesson in Social Community Marketing

In my forthcoming book, I take a look at how Nike has increased sales by tapping into social community marketing initiatives. Instead of simply shoveling more TV and print ads down our throat, Nike is instead shifting its marketing budget to non-traditional channels.

NYT Rings Up Lawyer Google Ad Clicks
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An interesting consequence of one reporter’s search for more information on the most costly keywords in Google AdWords ended up costing those advertisers a little money.

Microsoft Rolling Out New Live Search

There are a mass of search folks gathering at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus today to learn about the roll out of the new Live Search.

Selling Information Will Become a High Touch Industry

Newspapers Going Free

The NYT just went free and likely the WSJ will follow. Once something goes free it is hard to start charging for it again – just ask Prince.

NYT Facebook App Succeeds, Saves The Day?
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In my mind, Facebook and The New York Times were never aimed at the same demographic.  Nonetheless, the Times has launched a Facebook application, and – here’s the really surprising part – the app appears to have succeeded.

Yahoo Mashes Up NYT With Early Invite

Yahoo has something in the works called Yahoo Mash, but they suffered from a case of premature invitation when they told a New York Times blogger about the service.

NYT Editor Cuts Blogger As Story Source
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A piece by a New York Times writer drew material from an interview with a blogger who broke the story, but failed to credit him or his blog thanks to an editor’s removal of the reference.

NYT Archives Causing Google Reputation Nightmares

It seems the New York Times search engine optimization efforts are working well–maybe a little too well for some.

Now that more of the NYT’s archives are appearing in Google’s search results, many individuals are finding their past is catching up with them. Worse, it’s the NYT’s version of their past that contains misinformation.

Google Reality Not Reality

The NYTimes is running an op-ed piece about how using SEO techniques they are dredging up information on people that is out of date, and also inaccurate, or was updated later on, but does not show up as a correction on the persons Google query.