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Benjamin Netanyahu: Iran Agreement Is A “Historic Mistake”
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As Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama celebrated a series of resolutions on nuclear proliferation that they supposedly reached with Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the complete opposite tone. In a speech today before Israel’s cabinet, …

United States & Iran Hold First Talks in 3 Decades
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The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the United States and Iran held the highest level of talks in 36 years. The topic of conversation: Tehran’s nuclear program, enriched Uranium, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. The meeting was held …

Scientist Locates Chinese Sub On Google Earth
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Nothing like an arms race to bring back those Cold War memories, when the Red Dawn seemed eminent even if we had the Iron Eagle, rock music blaring through his Walkman, to protect us. Nowadays it’s Google Earth, not Hollywood and Reagan, scaring everybody to death.