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You Can Sell Just About Anything Online
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They’ll probably call me something snotty like "bucolic" or "pedestrian" but I just don’t get it: paying somebody for their reservation at a trendy restaurant.* Matter of fact, the 30-days in advance but only if you’re of the desirable clientele idea sounded dumb enough – as though they’re giving out death vaccines or something.

The good news is there’s a market for everything – that’s the thing about humans, some blow the curve but the rest are still 1.8 percent away from being chimps.

The Next MySpace Could Be A Cluster Bomb
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The rise of the social network has caused the rise of other, perhaps predictable, things: copycat networks; and investor curiosity. Blame MySpace and Facebook. Blame (or congratulate) Hi5, known, apparently, everywhere but the US, for extracting $20 million out of venture capitalists.

Say Hello To A Niche Network Era
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Earlier, we reported on Boomj, a niche social network aimed at a subset of younger Baby Boomers. Niche social networks are popping up more often and growing at a nice pace.