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Newsweek Twitter Account Hacked, Posts Obama Threats Newsweek Twitter Account Hacked, Posts Obama Threats

Newsweek is the latest major publication to fall victim to a Twitter hack. It appears that a group calling itself Cyber Caliphate took over the magazine’s account around 11am EST, and began tweeting out threats, supposed leaked documents, and general …

Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years
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Newsweek, which has been in publication for nearly 80 years, is adopting an all-digital format. In 2010, the publication merged with online publication The Daily Beast, and now the combined company has decided the print business is no longer needed. …

Newsweek Bundles Political Coverage For Kindle

Well, here’s an unexpected benefit of the digital era for print publications: Newsweek will be publishing digital anthologies of its election coverage as ebooks on Amazon’s Kindle.

Essentially, that’s a nice repurposing of content that will be pure profit, something print publications need a little of these days. Consider this one of the early moves of a major print publications to evolve in a digital environment.

Newsweek, Media Bloggers Association Cause Ruckus

Bloggers from the left, center, and right sides of the political spectrum opened a group blog on Newsweek.com called The Ruckus.

Reuters Photos Gummed Up Google News

Algorithmic accidents at Google News have been blamed for matching the wrong photos to stories, including a really unfortunate one caught by Newsweek.

Is Google Polishing An Apple Ad Deal?

When Google’s CEO joined Apple Inc.’s board of directors, speculation abounded as to what that meant for possible Google/Apple integrations. Some speculated that Eric Schmidt would eventually take over the reins at Apple upon Steve Jobs’ retirement.

Interview with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz

The next interview for Spotlight on Search is with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz.

Spam Blogs Plague Newsweek

When the Washington Post and Newsweek began working with Technorati to point readers to blogs discussing articles on those two web site, spammers followed close behind.

Blogs Are Hurting B2B Publishers

TechWeb brings us a gloom and doom research report stating that business to business trade media will see print ad spending decrease due to blog advertising, sponsorship and content opportunities.

Newsweek Embraces Blogosphere

Newsweek magazine’s web site will work with blog search engine Technorati to provide links and integration of blog content into stories.

Jeff Ganon May Sue Bloggers – Newsweek

Newsweek reports that Jeff Gannon is considering suing liberal bloggers, among others, for a “political assassination” that drove him from his job as a reporter for a conservative news outfit called Talon News.

The Revolutionary Challenge of Sirius Satellite Radio

The FCC is being cut out of the loop (thank God) via Sirius, its management, Howard Stern and the legendary Mel Karmazin. XM Radio is playing a leading role now, but the real noise is being generated by Sirius.