Twitter Now Sending Out “Best-of” Emails

Twitter Now Sending Out “Best-of” Emails

By Sean Patterson May 14, 2012

Don’t have time to waste time on Twitter? Now you can keep up with all of the people you follow with a “best-of” weekly email from Twitter. The micro-blogging service will now be sending out weekly email digests that will …

SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box

If you don’t want to land in the proverbial search engine penalty box – or if you’re already there and want to get out – there are signs to look for and steps to be taken.

SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box
“SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box”
SMX: Boundaries Of The Penalty Box

SMX: The Fear Hits Personalized Search
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People want better search results, but the personalization technology that can enable it may be a little scary to the privacy-conscious.

SMX: SEO Tip! Love The Social Media

Social media marketing can turn the mild-mannered site marketer into an energy-wielding superhero, infused with the pure power of link love and heavy traffic.

SMX: Danny Sullivan Strips For Matt Cutts

The Search Marketing Expo opened in Seattle with a Q&A session with Google’s Matt Cutts; it seems Matt came back from his vacation with mischief on his mind.

New Google Ranking Factors Study
Via Axandra Search Engine Facts newsletter, German company SISTRIX (translated link) has conducted a study of 10,000 random keywords and then analyzed the top 100 Google search results for each keyword to determine which page elements offered the most influence on rankings.

A Debate Over Google’s Power

In my May Biznology newsletter, I took issue with those who believe Google is too powerful. I don’t think Google controls as much as what Microsoft does and nowhere near what IBM did back in the 1970s. Marshall Sponder disagrees.

Tips for Creating an Effective Product Newsletter
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I’ve been working for a software developer company for about 5 years. We regularly send the letters about new program releases and upgrades to our customers and different newsletters to those people who subscribed to our mailing list.

Personalized Email in Action

Still sending out the same newsletter to every customer?

Tune Up Your Newsletter for Compliance

In this article we’ll continue talking about how to create a healthy email message and give a few tips how to survive anti-spam filters.

Search Marketing Class in NY

If you live in the New York city area, you might be interested in a three-hour crash course in search marketing I’m teaching at the Learning Annex this Tuesday evening.

Opt-in Newsletter Advertising For Maximum Profit

Your opt-in or business list is the most valuable asset to your business. Your subscribers have made a positive decision to voluntarily subscribe to your free newsletter.

Building Your Customer List With a Newsletter

It is important to note a few points when writing your newsletter. Do not rush this and plan your publication well. Once you develop a really good newsletter you will have more chances of readers opening it and not unsubscribing.

6 Great Newsletter Ideas–When You’re Out of Ideas!

For marketers, publishing your own electronic newsletter can be challenging. Between project deadlines and other things, you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

Eric Ward Launches Link Building Newsletter

The PG SEO (pre-Google) and master linker, Eric Ward has recently launched a new newsletter on link building called, The Ward Report.

Testing your Newsletter – Technical and Content Tests

An internet newsletter is the equivalent of a brochure or an offline informative newsletter – it needs to capture attention, deliver high quality information and content and convince readers that your company is worth remembering.

Discover How To Avoid The 10 Deadly Newsletter Sins

Learn How to Grow Your Ezine List and Publish an Ezine that Gets Results.