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Smart Thermostats to Become Billion-Dollar Market

There was quite a bit of confusion surrounding Google’s recent acquisition of smart thermostat company Nest. As usual, privacy concerns about Google “spying” on people in their own homes were brought up, but an even larger question was what exactly an internet advertising company wants with a thermostat startup. A new report on smart thermostats could shed light on what …

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Apple Stores Begin Receiving Nest Thermostats

The Nest Learning Thermostat has landed at Apple stores and is no ready to be purchased and installed. The revolutionary thermostat was introduced at last years Consumer Electronics Show and features the ability to learn your habits to help you save on electricity and therefore money. Nest has the ability to dynamically learn patterns such as energy use and time …

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Honeywell Sues Nest Over Learning Thermostat

During last month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas we brought you news of the Nest Learning Thermostat. This amazing thermostat learns from your habits and adjusts the temperature in your home in order to save energy, as well as money on your heating/cooling bill. The thermostat even connects with your home wi-fi, allowing you to control it from a …

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Nest Learning Thermostat Brings The Cool At CES 2012

Amid the barrage of technological wonders sure to stream out of CES this week, one device that deserves your attention (especially if winter ever belatedly arrives) is the Nest Learning Thermostat, the thermostat that learns from your dwelling habits. In spite of my yearning to make Hal 9000 jokes about a thermostat that learns from people’s habits and then takes …

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