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Spotify Gets Sean Parker’s Approval…In a Big Way Spotify Gets Sean Parker’s Approval…In a Big Way

It’s always interesting when past voices in a particular area talk about the up and coming, brand new thing. It was interesting when MySpace’s Tom Anderson discussed Google+ shortly after it launched. And today, it is even more interesting to …

P2P Music Sharing on the Decline? P2P Music Sharing on the Decline?

The fight against digital music piracy seems to always be a step behind the current trends. When the doors were finally shut on Napster, some people * ahem* had already gotten more music via the service in a week than …

Can Digital Sales Save The Music Industry?

Digital music spending in the U.S. will comprise over a third of consumer music purchases by 2012, but will not make up for lost CD sales during that time according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "US Music Forecast, 2007-2012."

Record Labels To Blame For Industry Decline

Physical music sales continued a trend of downward progression and digital revenues are not making up the difference. Within the next two years, total revenues from music sales are projected to dip down to $23 billion, which is half of what the industry brought home a decade earlier.