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Amazon’s AutoRip Service Now Includes Vinyl Purchases Amazon’s AutoRip Service Now Includes Vinyl Purchases

Back in January Amazon announced their new AutoRip service, which gives customers free digital copies of any and all physical music they buy on Amazon (at launch, that simply meant MP3s for CD purchases). Today, they’ve announced that AutoRip is …

Site Tries to Cash in On “Used” MP3s
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A new site has emerged that claims to be a place to buy and sell "used" mp3s. "Stop illegally sharing and start legally selling! Buy drm-free mp3’s starting @ $0.25," Bopaboo states on its front page.

Google To Offer Music Downloads in China?

The Wall Street Journal picked up a rumor that Google is preparing for a counterstrike against Baidu by offering music downloads:

Major Music Companies Lose Case Against Baidu

Baidu’s MP3 search engine is often fingered as one of the main reasons for the company’s success.  And for the foreseeable future, it will continue to fill this role, as the People’s High Court of Beijing just ruled against a group led by EMI, SONY BMG, and Universal Music.