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Mozilla Kills The PDF Plugin In Firefox 19

We just got Firefox 18 earlier this week, but Mozilla already has its sights set on the future. That future is one devoid of PDF plugins, like Adobe Acrobat Reader, that could harbor dangerous security flaws. Instead, the non-profit will continue pushing HTML5 in the new year. Mozilla announced today that Firefox 19, which is currently in beta, will have …

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Firefox 14 Launches With Secure Search

Firefox 13 may have been the most substantial release of Firefox since moving to the new rapid release process and it will probably be the last one we’ll see for a while. The launch of Firefox 14 on Tuesday only brought a few new updates, but what’s there is good. The big update for Firefox 14 is that Google searches …

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Chrome Overtakes IE as the World’s Most Used Browser

The dethroning of Internet Explorer has been a long time coming. For years Microsoft’s browser sat at the top of the browser heap, stagnating and becoming bloated. First Netscape, and the Mozilla tried to take Internet Explorer down with good design, modulability, and other modern features. Those browsers never spread too far beyond a core of internet-savvy users, though. When …

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Mozilla Launches Firefox Flicks Competition

Today (Friday, March 2nd, 2012), Mozilla (the company behind the well-known browser Firefox), announced on their blog that they would be kicking off a new contest called Firefox Flicks. This contest is open to the public, and allows submitters to publish videos on the newly created Firefox Flicks website conveying the issues/debates of online piracy and security. The Firefox Flicks …

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