Watch This Mini Land a Perfect, Unassisted Backflip

Watch This Mini Land a Perfect, Unassisted Backflip

By Josh Wolford February 18, 2013

In snowy Tignes, France, Guerlain Chicherit has successfully performed a backflip in a car. Yep, a real, unassisted backflip in a MINI – and he actually lands it. According to MINI, it’s the first of its kind. Don’t try this …

Google Updates Mini Enterprise Search Appliance

Google has taken the younger sibling of its Google Search Appliance for corporations, Google Mini, and added a number of new features.

Opera Mini Has A Ninjarific Birthday
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The adoption of web browsing on mobile devices has helped Opera Mini enjoy a successful first year in and out of the pockets of people around the world.

RFID Billboards Target Mini Audience

Drivers of the charming little Mini Coopers may be invited to sign up for an interactive billboard promotion called Motorby, where RFID equipped keyfobs will change the message as these drivers approach the billboard.

Yahoo Gets Around, A Lot, With Go 2.0

Yahoo! announced a flurry of new partnerships today as part of a global launch of Yahoo! Go for Mobile 2.0 (beta). The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company teamed up with Motorola, Nokia, Opera, Research In Motion, Samsung, and 3 Group, hoping to maximize exposure of the new platform and Yahoo!’s new oneSearch mobile search engine.

Opera Mini Socially Networks

Today Opera Mini launched an upgraded version of the popular mobile browser which enhances social networking on mobile phones.

Microsoft Meeting Snarls Traffic

Microsoft held it’s company meeting at Safeco Field (where the Seattle Mariners play), and area drivers were not happy.

Microsofts Opportunity After Robert Scoble

Some of the blogosphere commentary following Robert Scoble’s news that he is leaving Microsoft to join Podtech in July is on who will be the next Scoble at Microsoft.

Disney, Pixar Imagineers Blog Company Missteps

Pixar and Disney’s imagineers have started up a rather forthright blog called Re-Imagineering.

Google Links

Google Sitemaps announces new features including average top position, top mobile search queries and more download options.

Google Mini Now Even More Mini

The hardware side of Google now offers a fourth configuration of its Google Mini search appliance with the lowest price tag yet.

Google Toolbar Adds New Tools

Another beta version of Google’s Toolbar arrived on the company’s servers, just waiting for download and testing by its user base.

Opera Goes Global With Mini Browser

The Opera Mini browser, complete with integrated Google search, has been released globally and will work on virtually any mobile phone capable of downloading it.

Google Mini Needed Big Security Patch

The search appliance that has been part of a recent Google hardware promotion contained a “highly critical” flaw leading to the presence of several exploitable bugs.

Apple Introduces an Even Smaller iPod

Apple today announced that they are doing away with the iPod mini, as the company introduced the new iPod nano, which is even smaller but can hold up to 4GB.

Apple Goes 0 To 12 With Mini Promotion

The Cupertino-based computing legend offered a Mac Mini money-back promotion for 12 hours online.

Apple Kills Mac Mini Promotion

Ars reports that Apple has cancelled a 30-day risk-free deal for the Mac Mini just one day after it was announced.