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Zynga Announces Zynga Slots for iOS Devices

Zynga may be slowly recovering after its stocks took a major hit earlier this week, but it needs to do more to really get back on top. The developer is known for taking trends and making them even more popular. Two popular trends today – mobile and gambling. Zynga got it right with Poker, but its next game might even …

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Microtransaction Limitations for Minors Headed to Japan

I few years ago, I got hooked on a game called MapleStory, an oddly enjoyable multi-player side-scrolling platformer that involved fighting adorable cartoon monsters using equally-adorable cartoon avatars. As my addiction to the game began to grow, I started noticing how incredibly well-equipped most of the other players were. It was only after talking to some of these users that …

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Guild Wars 2 Changing Up The Microtransaction Model

Guild Wars was always way ahead of its time by being one of the first MMOs to go free-to-play right out of the gate. The much anticipated sequel is continuing that fine tradition of free-to-play, but it’s also hoping to rewrite the book on microtransactions. Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet and executive producer on Guild Wars 2, wrote on the …

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