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Skype 6.1 Integrates With Outlook On Windows Skype 6.1 Integrates With Outlook On Windows

Do you ever find yourself checking email and asking yourself, “Boy, I sure wish I could see my Skype contacts while I’m knee deep in email?” If so, you’re in luck. Skype has thought of the exact same scenario and …

New Google Apps Feature Breaks Microsoft Outlook

Suppose, for Father’s Day, you got dear old Dad some new power tools, and he then had trouble adjusting to them.  One way of speeding up the acclimation process could involve trashing the old ones, right?  Now, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook seems to have created a similar situation. 

Do Small Businesses Need CRM?

Let’s first define what exactly Customer Relationship Management is. The easiest way is to give an example: Every time you get in touch with a customer or prospect (still to be customer), you want to register the information regarding that contact.