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Microsoft Is Betting $1.5 Billion That You’ll Love Windows 8

Microsoft has already made it known that they have extremely high hopes for Windows 8. The company has compared the launch of its newest operating system to the launch of Windows 95. It’s going to change everything, or so they hope. That’s why Microsoft is putting an unprecedented amount of money into this holiday season’s marketing campaign. According to Forbes, …

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Skype Unveils Strange “Humoticons” Facebook App

As a part of its “It’s Time for Skype” marketing campaign, Skype announced today the “Skype Humoticons” app for Facebook. The announcement came on Skype’s Big Blog, where Francie Strong, director of global marketing at Skype, detailed the thought behind this strange (and seemingly pointless) app. The humoticons app allows users to put their face into a circle and, well, …

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Hire or Contract Your Marketing? [Infographic]

Some critical decisions are easy to make, or at least they can be with the right information. Mavenlink.Com has provided us with a wonderful infographic on some things you should consider when making the decision to design your own marketing campaigns (a.k.a. hire somebody) or outsource the job to someone else. Their handy little graphic cuts right to the core …

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