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Apple Vs. Samsung Verdict Has Big Effect On The Market

Unless you were away from the news this weekend, you no doubt know about Apple being awarded a little over $1 billion in their patent dispute with Samsung. We can argue all we want about the jury’s incompetence or a patent system that allows Apple to own the triangle, but it’s not going to change the verdict for now. While …

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Yahoo! Sinks as Google and Bing Rise

The comScore search engine data for April isn’t out until tomorrow, but Search Engine Land has an unnamed source that has given them a rundown of the numbers. The story they tell is one we saw unfolding as far back as March. That is, both Google and Bing are rising in search market share, while search traffic for Yahoo! is …

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Fact: UK Internet Users Actually Pronounce “Search” As “Google”

Experian Hitwise pointed out yesterday that UK internet users’ visits to search engines is sustaining a massive growth rate. Year-on-year, there was an 8.7% increase in visits to search engines when comparing February 2012 and February 2011 and the trend appears to set to continue next month. One thing I immediately noticed about the visits to search engines in the …

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Android Devices Projected To Surpass PC Sales Next Year

An analysis from Asymco suggests that, as soon as next year, the amount of Android-supported devices shipped will exceed the number of PC units. Horace Dediu, who compiled the data, asserts that given the quantity of respective units shipped today, iOS and Android devices “have a combined volume that is higher than the PCs sold in the same period (358 …

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