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Long-tail Keyword – Stretch the Tail for More Conversions Long-tail Keyword – Stretch the Tail for More Conversions
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Many organic campaigns start out with high expectations. There is clear focus and intent on working head keywords to drive traffic and begin branding efforts. However every seasoned SEO knows that with a focused plan, heads will eventually turn to …

SEO and Quality Key to Competing in the Long Tail
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A while back, WebProNews had a conversation with RateItAll President Lawrence Coburn about how the long tail of search is getting more competitive. Companies like AOL and Demand Media are working on dominating long tail searches with content across a broad scope of article subject matter.

New Report Documents Insanely Long Tail Of Search
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When something seemingly insignificant is able to control a more powerful entity, talk of the tail wagging the dog occasionally comes into play.  But according to a new report from Hitwise, the long tail of search is capable of something more akin to launching the dog into orbit.

People Are Finding More Words To Search With
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Brian Ussery, an Atlanta SEOer and blogger, reported last week that Google searchers have broken the three-word search term barrier as of the fourth quarter of 2007. The average query is now four words.

That means a lot to SEOers targeting that long tail of search. It also means (maybe) that, collectively, searchers are becoming a bit more sophisticated in their searching, or at least more specific.

CIOs, Is Your Career Over?
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The long-standing joke about the acronym for chief information officers actually standing for “career is over” may have a real punchline now, one that hits those C-level executives right in their employment status.

Grabbing That Long Tail With Great Content
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If you haven’t gotten the message yet that your website content needs to be as original and niche as possible for long-term search engine visibility, it’s time to get it and to hold on to it as you might the long tail as it pulls you along. But generating that extra searchable content isn’t a picnic, now is it?

Long Tail Questions

I posted a while back about the Meaty Middle, and why it was more important than the Long Tail for the application I’m involved with called RMX Direct.

Fat Belly Between the Head and Long Tail

Finally, a new concept that I can relate to – The Fat Belly.

Long Tail Thoughts

Just finished Chris Anderson’s book The Long Tail, and had a few thoughts. The “Long Tail” concept, of course, is defined thusly:

Enlightenment of the Long Tail

Who hasn’t heard of the long tail? Actually, quite a few people if my experience is any indicator. If I try and explain it, or use a diagram in a presentation, I often find my work cut out in telling the story.