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Linux Software Development Benefits Healthcare

A joint effort by WorldVistA and Windows-to-Linux developer firm CodeWeavers will bring a component of the VistA health records application to Linux systems.

Should ‘halt’ Call ‘shutdown’?

As mentioned briefly in the comments section of Bootstrapping your Linux Machine, recent Linux systems have added a convenience feature to the ‘halt’ and ‘reboot’ commands: they actually call ‘shutdown’ if the system isn’t in init state 0 or 6.

Linux Report Challenges MS TCO Claims

Nothing chaps Microsoft’s craw more than a little competition and open source rival Linux has been the Beast of Redmond’s chief craw-chapper for some time. After years of what Linux sympathizers have called a Microsoft F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaign against Linux’ total cost of ownership (TCO), Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) have dropped a little cost research of their own.

Novell Develops Linux Graphics, Video

Novell announced on Tuesday significant enhancements to the Xgl (X over OpenGL) graphics subsystem. Xgl is new core rendering technology for the Linux desktop that takes advantage of widely available accelerated 3D rendering hardware.

Google In Denial Over Desktop OS

A few hours after denying it had any intention to acquire the Napster digital music service, Google’s PR legions were called upon again, this time to disavow the Goobuntu talk.

Where are the Linux Workplaces?

When I was in college, lower level CS course assignments were done in DOS PC’s networked through Novell Netware.

Linux Developers Tackle GPL 3

Some developers in the Linux community have taken the discussion about the new General Public License terms to a contentious point: using it for the next Linux kernel, while a greater challenge over DRM looms.

Motorola Plugs Into Linux Developer

Motorola announced plans to add Kreatel Communications to their mix. The Swedish company develops IPTV-based digital set-top boxes that utilize Linux. This move by Motorola will keep them competitive as the IPTV market continues to take off.

Microsoft Touts Windows On Linux Site

Microsoft has long made various efforts to show how Windows exceeds Linux in a variety of enterprise situations, but a current advertising campaign by the company showed up in an unlikely place.

WIN With Linux Software Development Program

WIN Enterprises, a company specializing in embedded controllers and platforms for OEMS, announced their development of a Linux software development program that includes a software development kit for its OEM customers.

Metcalfe Calls Linux 25-Year-Old Clunker

Some may not know who Dr. Bob Metcalfe is but chances are they’re working with something he created, namely the Ethernet. He’s got a few ideas on where things are headed and he sees video as prime player. He went on to say our current operating systems are out of date, calling Windows and Linux clunkers.

National Instruments Extends Linux Support

National Instruments announced last week the release of its newest line of virtual instrumentation tools for Linux OS, including the NI-DAQmx 8 driver software and new instrument drivers for modular instruments.

Hey Google, Where’s The Linux Apps?

A member of a Denver Linux development shop wonders why Google hasn’t made its applications available for Linux systems.

Check List for Linux Security
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Linux is an amazing operating system considering how it was originally created. It was a modest program written for one person as a hobby – Linus Torvald of Finland. It has grown into a full-fledge 32-bit operating system. It is solid, stable and provides support for an incredible number of applications. It has very powerful capabilities and runs very fast and rarely crashes.

The Cost of Linux

Matt Asay’s AC/OS blog says that one of the “expenses” noted in Microsoft TCO studies is the cost of training.

Microsoft Movie Brought To You By Linux

In the latest news of strange bedfellows, a New Zealand news source reports that Microsoft’s Halo movie, based on the highly popular Xbox game, will be produced on servers running the Linux operating systems. Dogs and cats living together, pandemonium!

SAP Plus Linux Equals A Windows Switch

One Australian firm tried to make Linux work for them, but after seven months shifted to a Windows platform to run SAP.

Lies and Statistics – the Unix Server Market

“There are three types of lies – lies, damn lies, and statistics.” The source of that truth seems to be unknown, but it’s sure on the mark for statistics reported in the Unix server market.

Novell Launches New Data Center Linux Certification Program

Novell is launching the beta version of what it calls the most rigorous training and examination program for Linux certification to meet data center requirements.

Linux To Mainstream Countdown: 5 Years

Research firm Gartner thinks 2010 will see Linux reaching a point of acceptance by the mass market.

Linux Users Encouraged To Help Katrina Victims

A developer wants to organize a public “web station” effort to assist and connect Hurricane Katrina victims.