Wal-Mart Ends Phone Option For Online Customers

Wal-Mart Ends Phone Option For Online Customers

By Mike Sachoff October 4, 2007 | 4 Comments

Wal-Mart is taking a step backwards when it comes to online customer service. The retail giant said it would no longer offer its customers the choice of being able to speak to a customer service representative if they have problems with an order.

Courts Becoming Busy With Blog Lawsuits
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March was a busy month for lawsuits involving bloggers and webmasters. The court system taking them to task for defamatory statements, with one case becoming the first to go to trial and result in a liability verdict.

A legal system once tentative about taking on digital cases is braving the waters with more frequency. Most of the cases we’ve reported on have involved the statements of anonymous commentators, liability for which webmasters and bloggers have been repeatedly exonerated (or are expected to be). But these are different.

Insurance Co: Blogs Are A Liability

An insurance carrier told a New Jersey law firm that they could not cover the firm’s Web site if they had a blog. The insurance company Chubb saw the blog as a liability and fretted that the content could be viewed as legal advice.

ISP’s May Face Liability For Altering Email
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The recent announcement by AOL and Yahoo that they are going to use a pay to play email system called Goodmail raises an interesting question.

Goodmail Is About Money … Not Spam

What has become clear over the last few days is that Goodmail is not designed to combat spam. It’s sole purpose is to generate revenue for itself and partner ISP’s.

How To Move From Unlimited Liability to Limited Liability

For the small business owner or self-employed person, both the Sole Proprietorship and the General Partnership put you in the world of Unlimited Liability.

How to Minimize Legal Liability In Your Online Business

Have you ever had the edifying experience of receiving an unjustified spam complaint from a complete nutter? I did, just this week. It seems to be an unfortunate fact of life for those of use who run an online business.

Incorporating You

Running a business involves risk – the risk that the business may either succeed brilliantly or fail miserably. Or neither. The upside is high — financial and (perhaps) time freedom; independence; unlimited earning capacity.

Business Structures Defined: The Limited Liability Company

IRS Treatment of the One-Member LLC.
An LLC with only one member / owner is automatically considered to be a sole proprietorship unless an election is made to be treated as a corporation.

Philip K. Akalp Answers Incorporation Questions

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