‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Dangerous, According To Web’s Inventor

‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Dangerous, According To Web’s Inventor

By Chris Crum December 10, 2014

A lot of people (especially those not trying to hide information about themselves) agree that the Right to Be Forgotten in Europe is problematic for a variety of reasons, including the censorship of information. The latest to speak out against …

Google+ For The Enterprise Coming Soon? Google+ For The Enterprise Coming Soon?

Google+ Vice President of Product Management, Bradley Horowitz, made several interesting announcements related to Google’s social network at the LeWeb London conference. For one, Google+ is coming to Flipboard. Perhaps even more interesting, he said that Google+ will never have …

Google Has Disrupted The Conference Business Google Has Disrupted The Conference Business

If you organize conferences and similar events, your future in terms of how you organize and price your events just got really interesting. If you’re a conference-goer, events that might be out of reach to you for reasons of distance …

The Social Startup Bubble Is About To Burst, Says Forrester The Social Startup Bubble Is About To Burst, Says Forrester

If you’re looking to be the next big thing in social media, too bad says one analyst. Forrester Research CEO George Colony, speaking at the LeWeb conference in Paris, identified social saturation as the main reason underlying his poor prognosis …

Google+ Check-In Offers May Launch Next Week Google+ Check-In Offers May Launch Next Week

Google’s Marissa Mayer spoke at LeWeb in Paris, and reportedly said that Google+ will be launching check-in deals next week. Google+ has had check-ins for months. They’re easier to access on the iPhone app than the Android app (interestingly enough), …

Twitter App Numbers Growing Strong Going Into 2010

At the LeWeb conference in Paris Twitter is busy making sure that all the developments in the real-time search and social media world aren’t just coming from the Googleplex. Maybe it’s the end of the year rush or it’s the need to create excitement going into 2010 since 2009 was a rough year for many. Whatever the reason the news is fast and furious inthe space in general.

YouTube Cofounder Discusses Site’s Future

As big and popular as it is, YouTube could probably engage cruise control (in terms of feature releases, design updates, and so forth) and stay in front of the video-sharing competition for at least a couple of years.  Cofounder Chad Hurley was interviewed onstage at LeWeb ’09, and that isn’t at all what he has in mind, however.

LeWeb Attracts La Controverse

You won’t get to see the video; it was taken down faster than a…well, let’s not answer possibly offensive with possibly also offensive. (But you have to admit, the list of French things that could be taken down quickly is virtually limitless, and most likely very funny to everybody but the French.)

Amid Drama, Blognation Is Kaput

A lot of drama has unfolded in the past couple of weeks surrounding the demise of the newly created Blognation, an international network of tech bloggers. In the months since Blognation was launched, there have been death threats, accusations of sabotage, failure to secure funding, failure to pay bloggers, and even implications in the death of a blogger.

Social Networks & Portability

Earlier this week, during Marc Canter’s panel at LeWeb, I asked whether we could get a first step on all the social networks toward true social graph portability (which probably won’t happen because it’s too complex to do, because there are too many privacy rules, and because companies aren’t likely to give up their lockin anytime soon — imagine being able to drag all your information along with all of that of your friends from Faceb

LeWeb Conference Stresses Europe’s Importance
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Major tech conferences tend to include at least one stop in California.  The two-day LeWeb event is being held outside Paris, France, though, as it’s all about Europe.