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The Pope Isn’t Giving Up Twitter For Lent, Going To Gulf Shores For Spring Break

Okay, okay – that second part isn’t true. However, if you did put the brakes on your dedicated Twittering for Lent, you may miss out on some sweet Catholic action: the Vatican will be tweeting out themes from the Pope’s Lenten message throughout the forty day period of self-abnegation. According to Vatican Radio, the tweets began a couple of days …

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Lenten Sacrifices Don’t Make A Dent In Facebook Traffic

In late February stories about Christians giving up Facebook for Lent were all over the Web. There was so much hype about it one might have wondered if Facebook traffic would suddenly fall off in the month before Easter, which is Sunday. According to Hitwise, not so much.

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Giving Up Facebook For Lent?

Well, I guess it all comes down to whatever floats your spiritual boat. In this case the spiritual boat is floating straight out of Facebook—they’ll be back in a month (some of them sooner, probably). Welcome to Lent 2.0, if I may be so crass.

What would Mark Zuckerberg do? If I were him, I’d sit back and marvel, not just that my college days thingamabob has amassed 175 million social networking faithful, but also that a portion of them love Facebook so much they honor it with ritual sacrifice.

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A Wild Week For Facebook, And Its Users

Facebook has had quite a week. If it is true that there is no such thing as bad publicity then this week has been a social-media-collagewindfall for the social networking giant. I have even read some conspiracy theorists who believe that the whole terms of service ‘incident’ was intended. I’m not sure I can go there but to be honest it does make some sense.

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