Google Shuts Down More Services

Google Shuts Down More Services

By Chris Crum November 23, 2011 | 9 Comments

Google continues to trim down its product line as part of the company’s new “focus”. The Internet giant announced that it is closing down some more of them, and some functionalities of others. Google Wave. You may have already thought …

Google’s Knol Does Its Thing In Three New Languages

Google’s Knol isn’t doing so well.  Despite being portrayed by some outsiders as a would-be Wikipedia-killer, the knowledge-sharing site has been more or less ignored since its launch.  Google’s solution: launch it again, this time in German, Italian, and French.

Google’s Favoritism Makes Knoll SEO Magnet

Author and search optimization expert Aaron Wall headed to Google’s Knol, as did many SEO professionals, to create a page. He doesn’t sound happy about what he found.

How Is Google Ranking Knol Articles?

Some people noticed Knol articles are already sometimes ranking very well in Google results, even though Google promised Knol articles wouldn’t get any artificial boost.

Is Knol A Fast-Track To High Google Placement?

Well-respected search pundit Danny Sullivan put the newly-launched Google Knol to the test, to see if contributed pages found their way into a top-ten placement in Google’s search results.

Google Knol Launches

Google went live with Knol, a platform to read and write articles on all kinds of subjects. Knol was being tested privately since some time and had been pre-announced back in 2007. The address is knol.google.com, but notably not knol.com or knol.org or even googleknol.com. This project is somewhat reminiscent of Wikipedia, though there are many differences as well.

Google Opens Knol For Knowledge-Sharing

We’ve noted time and time again the way in which Wikipedia receives loads of traffic from Google, and to be honest, there’s no clear sign that this will change.  But Google has gone so far as to launch Knol, a sort of would-be competitor.

2008 Could Be a Bad year for Content Quality

The web levels the playing field, allowing individuals to compete with larger corporations, largely through the smaller players making dirt public and launching viral marketing campaigns around issues. Because there is a publisher publishing every opinion and angle, it is easy to discount just about everything, especially attempts for new market participants to become remarkable.

Google To Trademark Knol, Dalvik
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Call it a unit of knowledge, but beware of calling it a ‘knol’, as Google has applied to trademark the term.

Knol Recieving A lot of Criticism

Anil Dash, blogger and Six Apart employee, argues that Google has fundamental problems with creating good editing tools because they can’t really put themselves in the mind of the end user.


Google Won’t Make Judgements, but Desires to be Starting Point
With the announcement of Knol, Google displayed their desire to become a publisher. Why?

Knol Highlights

“Knol” stands for a unit of knowledge, according to the Official Google Blog.

Here are some highlights on Google’s new project:

The challenge posed to us was to find a way to help people share their knowledge. This is our main goal.

Knol: Google Coins A New Word
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Most of the techie blogosphere can tell you a knol is a unit of knowledge, now that Google has informed us it is so.