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Competition Analysis Basics for SEO
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In my last article titled, “Keyword Research Basics for SEO” I discussed keyword research and the basics of keyword selection. Of course – you can’t solidify your targets until you understand what you’re up against. All the keyword research in the world won’t help you rank for the keyword phrase “windows” in 6 months with a brand new site.

What Ingredients Are in Your Keyword Research Recipe?
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At the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle this week, WebProNews discussed keyword research with nFusion‘s Taylor Pratt. He discusses his "recipe" for it. Do you have a keyword research recipe? Tell us about your ingredients.

Keywords: What’s Cheap and What’s Discounted
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A few weeks ago we were intrigued by a selection of what Hitwise’s Sandra Hanchard called "search value determinants," or word pairings used in search with regard to modifiers like "price" and "cheap," et cetera.