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Big Retailers Flunk Search Test
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So, while perusing Google’s Hot Trends today I noticed a particular brand of digital camera was one of the top gainers in search queries: the Polaroid T730 Compact 7mp digital camera. Curious as to what’s so special about it, I googled it, only to embark on one frustrating journey.

Bidding On Trademark Terms Okayed By Court
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Another court has decided use of trademarked terms in metatags and keyword advertising does not constitute trademark infringement, but the issue is far from settled and only gets more complicated as more courts hear arguments from both sides.

Price Of Competitor Keyword Data: One Subpoena

A revived squabble between two recreational flooring companies has resulted in Google being subpoenaed for some of its keyword purchase data. The full implications of the order are not yet known, but third parties are nervous about being pulled in, and others worry about competitive data being de facto purchased through the courts.

Keyword Advertising In The Clear

The issue of using trademarks in keyword advertising has been resolved (at least for now). According to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, “you may use trademarks when buying search ads. Just don’t use the names in actual ads that consumers will see.”