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Amazon Is Officially Acquiring Twitch [Updated] Amazon Is Officially Acquiring Twitch [Updated]

Update 3: It looks like Google backed out of the deal because of antitrust concerns. Forbes has the story. Update 2: And it’s official. Amazon just put out the press release. Here’s what it says: Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today …

Justin.tv Shuts Down After Seven Years Justin.tv Shuts Down After Seven Years

There was a time when Justin.tv was one of the biggest sites in streaming video, but that time has passed, and the site is now shutting down. It did, however, spawn Twitch, which lives on. In a post on the …

Justin.tv Broadcasting Comes to iPhone

At the beginning of the month, Justin.tv launched its Android app for live streaming. Today, it has updated its iPhone app with similar functionality. iPhone 4 and 3GSs users can broadcast live video from the app over 3G or WiFi.

"We have already seen a 20% increase in daily broadcasters due to new people using Android to broadcast live,"  says Caleb at Justin.tv.

Justin.tv Broadcasting Comes to Android
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Justin.tv has a new Android app for broadcasting live video. This competes with services like UStream and Qik. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you simply watch Justin.tv content like the iPhone app does. Perhaps that will come later. This is the first Android app Justin.tv has offered.

Justin.tv Steps Up Copyright Protection Efforts
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Justin.tv has just announced a new copyright protection process it is initiating. The site is working with Vobile to filter content on Justin.tv using their database of content.

Justin.tv About to Get More Useful
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Justin.tv, the live streaming video site, which recently launched a Facebook app to allow users to watch video right from Facebook, has now released an API. The goal is to get people developing much more useful ways to use Justin.tv.

New Way to Watch and Broadcast Video from Facebook

Popular video streaming site Justin.tv has launched a new Facebook app that allows users to watch live video right from Facebook. The app is simply called "Live."

This is not the first Facebook app to do this, but this one is free for anyone to use and does not require any registration or approval.