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Tiger Woods Gets A Tech Beatdown At Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Phil Mickelson isn’t the only one who crushed Tiger Woods over the weekend. Lately, we all know that Tiger Woods has been struggling to get his game back on track after a series of injuries and off-the-course indiscretions knocked him off his pursuit of Jack Nicklaus’ Major Championship record. But until now, we didn’t really know just how far he’s …

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Jerry Yang: What Yahoo Employees Have Said About Him

As you may know, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang has resigned from all positions at the company. Glassdoor has taken the opportunity to share what some Yahoo employees have said in reviews on the site (dating back to 2008). “Jerry Yang continues to be Chief Yahoo and his role has always been dubious. It appears that Jerry wants to have the …

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Jerry Yang Out At Yahoo

Yahoo just announced that co-founder and former CEO Jerry Yang has resigned from the company’s Board of Directors and all other positions with the company, effective today. That includes resignation from the Boards of Yahoo Japan and Alibaba. Yang wrote in a letter to the Yahoo Board Chairman Roy Bostock, “My time at Yahoo!, from its founding to the present, …

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