Tiger Woods Gets A Tech Beatdown At Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Tiger Woods Gets A Tech Beatdown At Pebble Beach Pro-Am

By Josh Wolford February 13, 2012

Phil Mickelson isn’t the only one who crushed Tiger Woods over the weekend. Lately, we all know that Tiger Woods has been struggling to get his game back on track after a series of injuries and off-the-course indiscretions knocked him …

Carol Bartz To Be Next Yahoo CEO

Yahoo’s search for a new CEO appears to be over.  Carol Bartz, an outsider who wasn’t even mentioned on most of the early lists of possible contenders, has won the spot according to several fresh reports.

More Microsoft Yahoo Gossip

It seems that people really want Yahoo and Microsoft to get a deal done. Almost every other day it seems, rumors surface and are just as quickly shot down regarding the two companies and a possible transaction that could put a thorn in Google’s side.

Ballmer Ignores Yang, Rules Out Yahoo Acquisition
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Even the harshest critics of Steve Ballmer will have to admit one thing: in regards to not buying Yahoo, he’s been consistent for a long time now.  At a shareholder meeting today, Ballmer said that he still has no interest in a total acquisition, and Yahoo’s stock has taken a nosedive of around 20.9 percent as a result.

Blogosphere Lights Up As Jerry Yang Steps Down

If you haven’t heard the news from another source, you probably could have guessed it by watching Yahoo’s stock price.  Shares have risen about 12.6 percent in pre-market trading on the official announcement that the search for a new CEO is underway.

Yahoo Back To Bargaining With Microsoft

In 1974, Sam Peckinpah directed the film Bring Me the head of Alfredo Garcia, the story of a bounty hunter who set out to avenge family dishonor (through rape and abandonment) by bringing back the aforementioned anatomical appendage.

Yang Revives Talk Of Microsoft Acquisition

Jerry Yang seems to have learned how to bluff at the (unattached) feet of Monty Python’s Black Knight.  Yahoo’s CEO claimed at a conference last night, "To this day the best thing for Microsoft to do is buy Yahoo."

Google Still Hiring, Yang Staying At Yahoo
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Yesterday’s election was a pretty straightforward process – no riots, no recounts, not even the threat of a lawsuit.  So, as if to make up for it, a couple of questionable reports plagued the search industry today, and we’ll try to straighten out the situation here.

Yang Goes All In With New Ad Platform

If Jerry Yang is to be believed, Yahoo’s experienced a genuine "eureka" moment.  The company has launched a new digital advertising platform, and its CEO is comparing the platform’s importance to that of radio, television, and the Internet.

Yahoo Reveals Voting Miscount

Yahoo was almost ready to put its recent problems behind it; the company had fought off Microsoft, brought Carl Icahn onboard, and survived the annual meeting with its board intact.  Only now it turns out that the shareholder vote didn’t go nearly so well as was first reported.

T. Boone Pickens On Yahoo’s Leaders: “Pathetic”

Last September, Forbes put together a list of the 400 richest Americans, and T. Boone Pickens came in 117th place.  Now, thanks (at least in part) to Yahoo, he’ll likely be a few spots lower when that list gets updated.

Yahoo, Icahn Reach An Agreement
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Christmas – or at least August 1st – has come early.  It seems the Yahoo-Icahn proxy mess is resolving itself, with both parties agreeing to a compromise that’ll put Icahn and two of his supporters on Yahoo’s board of directors.

Yang Acknowledged Google Deal Is Anticompetitive?
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Jerry Yang’s facing all sorts of problems, and his own words may be digging him a little deeper.  According to what Microsoft’s general counsel told a Senate antitrust panel, Yang recently admitted that Yahoo’s deal with Google will more or less create a search monopoly.

Schmidt Wants Yahoo To Stay Independent

August 1st is getting quite close, and by all accounts, that date may well be Yahoo’s doomsday.  Only here’s an interesting point: there are more signs that Google is siding with those who would oppose Microsoft.

Yahoo Announces New Game Plan

Can the phrase "fresh titles all around" solve anything?  Well, Yahoo appears willing to find out.  A corporate realignment has been announced, but not much meaningful-looking movement is taking place.

Yahoo Files Proxy Statement
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Another open letter signed by Roy Bostock and Jerry Yang came into public sight today, but never fear – this one leaves behind some of the Yahoo-Icahn bickering, and instead, announces Yahoo’s filing of its definitive proxy statement.

More Of Yahoo’s Stubbornness Comes To Light

Thoughtful, objective people tend not to shout "no" before others can even pose a question.  Jerry Yang’s looking less than neutral, then, as newly released documents show that he prepared to reject an acquisition bid long before the latest one was presented.