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Dell Officially Acquires Quest Software Dell Officially Acquires Quest Software

Like HP and other PC manufacturers in the post-iPhone tech era, Dell is hedging its bets by investing in software and security services. Today Dell announced its acquisition of Quest Software has been completed. Quest is an IT management software …

Risk Management – Security Qualified Candidates

All companies have a risk tolerance, some companies have a higher tolerance for risk than other companies do, many follow few lead.

The Traditional IT Attitude: Dumping it

E-Week has two very penetrating and insightful articles on IT and the roles that it plays in business. These articles support the idea that IT needs to become more business savvy, and business needs to become more IT savvy to make it in the market place.

Key Measures of Success for System Implementation Project Management

In all the years of managing projects from Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Help Desk, Sales Quotation and Lead Tracking systems, and ERP Software, I have learned some key factors which, if always kept in check and balance, will lead you to project success.