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Pay-TV Subscriptions to Top 1 Billion This Year

Over the past few years, as the internet’s profile has risen as a mainstream entertainment service, cable and satellite providers have seen subscription numbers dropping. At the same time, purveyors of IPTV services have been seeing an influx of subscribers. The rise of IPTV has helped the overall pay-TV market grow throughout the past two years, with subscriptions hitting nearly …

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Verizon to Acquire Intel’s IP TV Initiative

In 2012 it was revealed that Intel was looking to enter the TV industry in force, bringing streaming IPTV and a change to the way cable subscriptions work. Like Apple’s rumored TV plans, however, Intel’s TV ambitions were thwarted by cable companies currently very comfortable with their regional monopolies. Today it appears that Intel has given up on IPTV for …

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Pay-TV Subscriptions Reach 886 Million Worldwide

Though many internet users in the U.S. and Europe are doing away with their traditional cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of streaming solutions such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, the worldwide base of pay-TV subscribers is still rising steadily. Today, market research firm ABI Research released a report showing that worldwide pay-TV subscriptions are expected to reach 886.5 million …

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IPTV Growing as Cable, Satellite Begin to Fade

Last month it was revealed that the number of cable subscribers in the U.S. is dropping. In addition, the percentage of U.S. households that exclusively watch over-the-air TV programming is down to only 7%. These statistics suggest that the internet, and TV programming over the internet are becoming more popular than ever. Market analyst firm IHS this week released research …

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