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Google: Your Various ccTLDs Will Probably Be Fine From The Same IP Address

Ever wondered if Google would mind if you had multiple ccTLD sites hosted from a single IP address? If you’re afraid they might not take kindly to that, you’re in for some good news. It’s not really that big a deal. Google’s Matt Cutts may have just saved you some time and money with this one. He takes on the …

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The Pirate Bay Blocked By More European ISPs

The Pirate Bay can not catch a break these days. It seems like there’s a new case brought against the torrent tracker every day to have its IP blocked by various ISPs across Europe. The latest block comes from Finland. TorrentFreak is reporting that The Pirate Bay is now to be blocked by two Finnish ISPs – TeliaSonera and DNA. …

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Skype Investigating Exploit That Reveals Users’ IP Addresses

Skype announced today that it’s looking into a new tool that retains a user’s last known IP address. The tool, for which instructions were posted on Pastebin last Thursday, reveals a person’s IP address without the need to add the targeted person as a contact first. According to ComputerWorld, the privacy-breaching tool can uncover the IP address of a Skype …

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