Company Benefits from Employee Intranet Blogs

Company Benefits from Employee Intranet Blogs

By Shel Holtz October 3, 2007

G. Oliver Young is fast becoming my new hero. Every time this Forrester analyst puts out a paper, it provides me with fodder to support my arguments supporting social media in the enterprise.

Intranet / Portal – Prioritize Content and Develop an Effective Linking Strategy

How to prioritize content and determine where to link it on an Intranet or portal…

New Intranet Report Includes Social Media

Melcrum Publishing has just published a research report entitled Transforming Your Intranet.’

News on the Go

Travelling to the UK today, ahead of co-presenting the second one-day workshop for Melcrum in London tomorrow on Enhancing your Intranet with New Technology: How to Make the Most of Social Media.

More On McDonald’s Intranet Blogs

The launch of intranet blogs by McDonald’s is significant because it’s not a high-tech company.

Key Benefits of a Single Intranet or Public Website

A single website is more connected and credible. It is more consistent and cost effective. It is easier to manage and measure.

Intranet – The Benefits Realisation Plan

The Millennium Experience

A successful project is one that delivers on-spec (`quality’), time and cost. Right? Well consider these two projects

Make Sure Your Intranet Is Well Perceived By Staff

Many intranets are only now beginning to show their true potential. However, many staff, having had unsatisfactory previous experiences of the intranet, may need quite some convincing that the intranet is now genuinely useful.

Intranet CEO Blogs

Thank God for Constantin Basturea’s list of CEO bloggers on his NewPR wiki,TheNewPR Wiki.

JotSpot Releases Intranet Blogging Application

JotSpot, which sells an enterprise wiki application, has added a blogging utility to its product line.

Intranet Portals Collaboration through Team Rooms

In this article, David Viney looks at how collaboration between and amongst teams can become a killer application on your Intranet Portal.

Intranet Portals Personalisation and Customisation

The key difference between an (old-fashioned) Intranet and a Portal

Is Communications Up To Running Intranet?

The natural home of the intranet is in communications. However, intranet management requires particular skills that many traditional communications departments don’t have.

Intranet Portal – Business Case ROI

The days of easy money are over In these post-dot-com days of the 21st Century, the hype attached to IT is well and truly over.

Intranet Portal Project – RAD or Waterfall?

In this short article, David Viney examines whether Rapid Application Development (RAD) or Waterfall development methodologies should be used during Intranet Portal projects.

Intranet Project Names

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet.”

Internal Blogging More In Focus – Blog Consultants Beware

Internal blogging is discussed more and more. It doesn’t surprise me. If we compare to web communication in general an intranet is for many companies more effective in terms of ROI than an external site.