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Rep. Bob Goodlatte Introduces Internet Tax Legislation In House

Back in August, Sens. Ron Wyden and John Thune introduced legislation that would permanently extend the Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998. The legislation prevents state and local governments from taxing Internet services. Now similar legislation has finally been introduced in the House. The Hill reports that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep. Anna Eshoo have introduced the …

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Should Internet Access Remain Tax Free?

You probably pay a lot for Internet, but at least you don’t have to pay taxes on your service with each monthly bill. That may all change next year, and two senators want to stop that from happening. The Hill reports that Sens. Ron Wyden and John Thune introduced the Internet Tax Freedom Forever Act into the Senate on Thursday. …

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Should The Senate Pass Online Sales Tax Legislation? [Updated]

Update: It passed. Currently in the U.S., state governments are only obligated to collect sales taxes from online retailers that are based in their own states. If an online sales tax bill makes it to law, states could collect from online retailers that don’t reside in their state. Should online retailers have to pay taxes to states where they don’t …

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Senators Seek To Extend The Internet Tax Freedom Act Indefinitely

Unless you’re buying something online, the Internet is a tax free service. That all might change in 2014, however, if a bill barring the government from taxing the Internet isn’t extended. Fortunately, two senators are already on the case with a new permanent extension. The Hill reports that Senators Kelly Ayotte and Dean Heller have introduced an extension to 1998’s …

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U.N. Considering Global Internet Tax for U.S.-Based Websites

Should some of the largest online content providers have to pay up in order to continue to reach the global market? The United Nations thinks so, according to some leaked documents obtained by WCITLeaks.org, and such a tax will be up for debate this December when the agency’s International Telecommunications Union convenes for the World Conference on International Telecommunications in …

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